A virtual credit card adds additional protection to the payment process. A virtual credit card is a procedurally generated 16-digit number corresponding to a real credit card account. When you purchase online without providing your actual credit card, your credit card company may provide this service as a means of fraud protection. When you make a transaction using a digital Mastercard number, the number expires, and you can never use it again. 

How Do Credit Cards Work Virtually? 

Virtual credit card numbers function identically to actual credit card numbers, except that you can only use them for online or card-not-present transactions, such as phone purchases. You establish the digital credit card number via your bank or card provider and then substitute it for the real card number while making a transaction. 

What Are the Advantages of Virtual Credit Cards? 

If your personal information is hacked, one of the major advantages of a virtual credit card is the possibility of shutting down the VCC account without closing the primary credit card account. Using a standard credit card, if a data breach occurs, you will need to have the credit card reissued, which might be problematic for regular payments to vendors. 

Even if you elect to close a virtual card, the risk of your actual credit card being compromised is mitigated. Additionally, it eliminates the effort of tracking down and correcting regular payments other than those impacted by the data breach. 

Why Opt for a Virtual Card? 

Pay Safely and Privately 

Digital cards are a safe online payment method that eliminates the need to transmit debit or credit card information. Your bank account is not linked to the payments you make with these cards. 

Budget Effectively 

Spend just the amount of money you have placed onto your card, and keep track of how much you spend online. If your card issuer has a mobile app, download it to receive alerts when transactions are successful. 

Spend the Way You Want

Numerous virtual prepaid cards are linked to a digital Mastercard, allowing them to be widely recognised worldwide. 

In addition, certain virtual cards enable cash top-ups. A cash top-up is a proper solution in nations where consumers do not have access to a bank yet wish to make online payments. 

Choose Your Preferred Currency

Some virtual cards are available in various currencies. If this is the case, you may pick the currency of your choice, even if it is not the same as your local currency. 

Pay Quickly

You will not have to wait for a card to arrive in the mail, followed by another wait for the PIN. If speed and ease of use are essential to you, virtual cards are a terrific financial partner. 

Are Virtual Cards Safer? 

Virtual cards protect by concealing your actual card number with a temporary account number. This reduces the likelihood that your actual card details may be compromised during a data breach. 

However, virtual cards are not foolproof. Technically, a hacker may acquire access to a still-active temporary card number and make a purchase. Card issuers provide the same fraud protection for virtual cards as authentic cards, so you should be covered in the event of fraudulent activity. If you detect fraudulent charges, you must protest the charge in the usual manner. However, you will not need to alter your account number because it was not revealed. Instead, you must cancel the temporary card number and create a new one. 

The Future of Virtual Credit Card Technology

As a result of their compatibility with an automated purchasing system, virtual credit cards appear to have a bright future. If your virtual credit card is hijacked, you may erase it or lock it with a single click using your primary credit card. Utilising a digital Mastercard for an expenditure transaction is far safer than using a traditional credit card due to the virtual card’s built-in security safeguards. 

In addition, virtual credit cards offer protection against fraud, may be cancelled upon request, and do not influence recurring payments, making them secure and simple to use. 

Consider a virtual credit card the next time you contemplate a potential security risk associated with credit card use.

By Manali