Human lives have become significantly dependent on mobile phones, which are everywhere. Everyone is aware of this tool’s revolutionary impact on communication. Individuals use it for various activities in addition to communication, including chatting, gaming, watching movies, reading, keeping up with the news, and much more. However, the effects of mobile radiation on human and animal health are a major source of worry. 

Many medical professionals, academics, and scientists worldwide advise lowering the use of mobile phones and other electromagnetic devices to limit exposure to harmful radiation. In addition, companies are also working towards providing protection to the individual by inventing clothes like radiation proof trunks that block these emissions. It is worth examining how these undergarments can protect men from radiation and whether they need these kinds of trunks for better health. 


How does radiation affect the human body?

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) refer to a wide variety of radiation that humans are constantly exposed to. This includes low-level (or non-ionizing) radiation from sources like microwaves, power lines, telephones, and WiFi routers, as well as high-level (or ionizing) rays from X-rays and UV light.

DNA damage from X-rays and UV rays is well-known for high exposure levels. Non-ionizing rays are indeed not powerful enough to inflict that kind of harm, according to research. Still, many people are worried about how it can impact the body in other, less severe rays, particularly considering how commonplace smartphones, routers, laptops, and Bluetooth are today.


Why do men need radiation-proof underwear?

Using data from both human and laboratory trials, a meta-analysis published in 2014 concluded that “cell phone usage negatively impacts sperm quality.” As this leads to a shortage of antioxidant enzymes and DNA repair, sperm cells are assumed to be vulnerable to ionizing radiation (IR) exposure.

Protecting men’s reproductive organs from EMF emission, particularly from the mobile phone, is the premise behind radiation-proof underpants. To safeguard men from such rays, many companies have launched radiation proof trunks. These underpants are constructed from a radiation-blocking material, frequently silver mesh, and coated in soft cotton or flannel for comfort.


How radiation-proof underwear gives protection from rays?

Silver mesh is a material that most anti-radiation underwear firms utilize. It resembles medieval chainmail made of finely woven, interlocking silver chain links. Because the holes’ size is less than the shortest wavelength of most microwave or radio frequency emissions, it effectively blocks them.

In this manner, an object may be shielded from EMF by being encircled by a conductive cord-like Wavestopper Technology.

When rays strike this electromagnetic shield, it causes ions inside the resistive element to move, which allows the energy to be deflected to the outside rather than entering the shielding.

The reproductive organs are shielded from potentially dangerous EMF emissions by EMF blocking material, typically silver mesh wrapped in fabrics like cotton and polyester. This high level of attenuation eventually protects men’s reproductive organs.

Although it’s an idea that takes some getting accustomed to, anti-radiation underwear is a clever invention. Individuals now understand that exposure to EMF rays can harm the body, particularly the reproductive system. Fortunately, more businesses are producing anti-radiation trunks, which will only improve with time.

By Manali