NVIDIA is not the only one that makes it easy to play Fortnite with Apple devices. Microsoft has partnered with Epic Games in order to make Fortnite available free of charge on Xbox Cloud Gaming. No subscription is required. You can play the battle royale game through the web browser from any device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or Android.

Both touch and controllers are supported in the streaming version. You can also use Creative mode for free. However, you will need to pay to defeat AI villains in the Save the World campaign. Fortnite may not be the only one. Microsoft stated that it would “look at bringing” other free-to play titles to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft’s partnership is not surprising. Microsoft’s partnership with Game Pass Ultimate could increase Xbox Cloud Gaming sign-ups and encourage more people to subscribe to the service. Microsoft is also determined to spite Apple — Epic’s antitrust battle has been supported by Microsoft , the Windows creator. Microsoft argues that Apple is restricting competition through in-app payment and restrictions for cloud gaming apps. While attracting attention to Apple’s policies, free Fortnite gaming could soften the blow for Microsoft and Epic as well as gamers.

By Manali