It takes patience, care, and a lot of research. This article will help you identify the most important areas to focus on and will hopefully help guide you in choosing a design you’ll be proud of.

Decide if You Really Want a Tattoo

People make decisions too fast and have to deal with the consequences forever. Although I don’t enjoy making broad statements, I am going to make one right now.

Tattoos are more accepted socially than twenty years ago, but they can still be stigmatized in certain work/social settings.

The above are important. You can then rest. Talk to your family and friends. Imagine how it would feel to have the same tattoo throughout your entire life and look at it every day.

Decide if You Really Want a Tattoo

Let’s say you have decided that a tattoo is right for you. Next, you need to decide how it should look.

One person’s ideal may not suit another. These are my suggestions for what you should consider.

Check Cleanliness

You can arrange to meet with a tattoo artist if you are interested. Professionals will be happy to give you a tour. Make sure the studio is clean. It is a sign of trouble to see old bandages or needles lying around.

Examine the License

Although there are different regulations for each state, most tattoo studios must be licensed. You should verify with the appropriate authority whether the tattoo shop that you are interested in has a license.


It is great to find that your tattoo artist is clean, but it can be a nightmare to discover that they have terrible skills.

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By Manali