Marketing a business is challenging and can take a long time to do well. But, it is important that if you want to gain clients and increase the revenue of your business, people must know what you know and how well you do it. 

Marketing is essential for businesses in an industry where you must build personal relationships. Real estate management, or being a real estate agent, is a type of business that solely stands on building relationships. 

You can opt for direct marketing, which will help you build relationships with prospects. Real estate agents and corporations use direct marketing to capture a large clientele and promote their business. Realtors often send postcards and brochures to their target market through the post. 

However, when you try to manage a direct mail campaign by yourself, it will prove to be a monumental task. So, it is best to hire a company that will help distribute the marketing material and help you print and manage the campaign. Companies like Wise Pelican serve a large client base and can help you deliver in any part of the country. 

In addition, you can take advantage of their simple postcard designing platform to customize the preset templates they have. It will save you the time to design a postcard from scratch and keep the costs of hiring a graphic designer. Without such an agency, the campaign might not yield any results. 


Here are some services that a reputed agency can provide: 

  • List building features

If there is anything more important than the postcards and their design, it is the delivery list. 

The main asset enables you to target the right individuals to increase your chances of customer acquisition even if you do not convert a prospect into a customer. 

So, you must have a list management tool with features to help you manage the prospects’ delivery addresses.

You can customize the list, set high-priority prospects, and even add some addresses to the no mailing list. 

Companies like Wise pelican offer a unique feature wherein they will modify your address book in accordance with the updates from the USPS national change of address database. For instance, if a prospect moves, then you will have their new address updated in the book. 

  • High-quality templates and design features

One of the best things about a reputed agency is that they will help you design the postcards by offering various templates. 

So, even if you have any design experience, you can easily customize the details in the postcard and order the prints. You can customize the postcard as per the design language followed by your company or agency. It helps you add a flair of personal touch to the campaign. In addition, it will make your brand more recognizable. 

  • Affordable rates

A reputed agency will have steady prices for the delivery and printing of postcards and other marketing material, irrespective of the quantity of your campaign. However, they might offer a special discount if you are a loyal customer or deal with quantities above ten thousand postcards. 

So, these are the services that a direct mailing agency will provide you. You should hire an agency to oversee the printing and distribution of the campaign so that you can focus on the core objective of your real estate business. 

By Manali