Google promised that Assistant would change passwords compromised a year ago. Now, the company is actually delivering on that promise. Android Police reports that Assistant warnings are being rolled out to more Chrome users, as well as Android users. You’ll receive the “change your password alert” message and on some sites an option to have Assistant make the change automatically. This will allow you to take control at any time, but it is useful if your preference is not to spend too much time creating a secure substitute sign-in.

This helper uses Google’s web-based AI, Duplex, to navigate websites and make password changes. It can click, scroll, and fill out forms that would normally require human intervention.

At the moment, this feature is not available on all websites. The Assistant password tool is only available to a small number of users, however, since its introduction at Google I/O in May. This is a significant improvement and could prove to be very useful in the event of a data breach that exposes login details.

By Manali