Segway was the first in the self-balancing classes. Then came hoverboards. It’s now time to look into an autonomous vehicle that can self balance. Get to know the SoloWheel Glide 3, a self-balancing electric bicycle that functions as a fun and practical means of moving around the city.

Our team had the opportunity the chance to “Glide” around in one of these for a few minutes and we’ll tell you our thoughts on it.

The SoloWheel is a self-balancing electric unicycle or EUC (not our word). The SoloWheel can travel at a maximum speed of 19 miles an hour, and go up to 31 miles with a full charge. Our team does not suggest using this device at the maximum speed in the first place.

The range of the SoloWheel is another plus. If you keep the charger at home, or wherever you usually travel to, you’ll be right. The only downside to all the power and range is the weight. The SoloWheel weighs just more than 30 pounds which isn’t exactly the most enjoyable to transport around. In addition, it’s not built to climb stairs with ease.

Luckily it is the case that it’s a good thing that the SoloWheel Glide 3 does come with a handle that retracts so allows you to carry the wheel as an actual suitcase. This makes it much more convenient to use while you’re not on the bike.

Must Be Hard to Ride Right?

We’ll be honest with you all. There is definitely an learning curve when using the SoloWheel.

In the beginning, it’s hard to keep a steady balance. The SoloWheel is extremely sensitive to movements, which means that any slight tilt in either direction will cause movements. If you’re starting out on your first attempt I would highly suggest keeping something stable. Make sure that it’s not something that could be torn from the walls…

The most effective way to master is to practice shifting back and forth leaning in the middle of the doorway. Be sure to hold both sides of the doorway as the lean back back and. It is important to get your body and mind to be able to trust the equipment. After you’ve mastered this, take it for a spin without clinging any object. It is recommended to pick an area of the wall or table that is 10-15 feet away, and then ride across it while trying to keep your balance all the time.

Once you’ve had enough practice at work (we do not recommend riding it inside the workplace) You can then ride it in your parking space for more extended rides.

After 3 weeks of riding you’ll be able to ride to town. It all is about the ability to trust and maintain the balance. Once you’ve mastered both of that, you’ll be in good shape.


The SoloWheel Glide 3 isn’t a inexpensive device. It costs $899 USD. It’s solid machine that deserves the price .

If you’re looking for a new item or just a fun method of getting between work and home it’s you’ll find the Solo Wheel Glide 3 is certainly something to consider. Make sure to wear safety gear while riding!

By Manali